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Hydraulic Rock Breakers

With years of evolution and experience in the sector, ROCK DEMOLITION manufactures reliable, cost-effective and durable Hydraulic Rock Breakers. Thanks to an engineering based on better performance of extended piston stroke, the BRH ROCK DEMOLITION range has become the solution best suited to your needs in Public Works, Mining activities and Demolition.

With its many models, divided into 3 series: light, medium and large, ROCK DEMOLITION offers the safest range of breeze rocks on the market.

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Light range

Model Working weight Applicable excavator Spec sheet Part list
BLTB40 86 kg 0.8-2.5 ton SPEC BLTB40 PARTBLTB40
BLTB45 137 kg 1.9-4.0 ton SPEC BLTB45 PARTBLTB45
BLTB53 180 kg 2.5-5.0 ton SPEC BLTB53 PARTBLTB53
BLTB70 362 kg 4.5-7.0 ton SPEC BLTB70 PARTBLTB70
BLTB75 466 kg 6.0-9.0 ton SPEC BLTB75 PARTBLTB75
BLTB85 666 kg 7.0-11.0 ton SPEC BLTB85 PARTBLTB85
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Medium range

Model Working weight Applicable excavator Spec sheet Part list
BLTB100A 986 kg 10-16 ton SPEC BLTB100A PARTBLTB100A
BLTB125A 1357 kg 14-20 ton SPEC BLTB125A PARTBLTB125A
BLTB135A 1730 kg 18-25 ton SPEC BLTB135A PARTBLTB135A
BLTB140A 1910 kg 20-26 ton SPEC BLTB140A PARTBLTB140A
BLTB150 2295 kg 24-30 ton SPEC BLTB150 PARTBLTB150
BLTB155 2610 kg 27-36 ton SPEC BLTB155 PARTBLTB155
BLTB165 3149 kg 32-42 ton SPEC BLTB165 PARTBLTB165
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Heavy range

Model Working weight Applicable excavator Spec sheet Part list
BLTB175L 4575 kg 40-50 ton SPEC BLTB175L PART BLTB175L
BLTB190 5300 kg 45-55 ton SPEC BLTB190 PART BLTB190
BLTB195 5420 kg 50-60 ton SPEC BLTB195 PART BLTB195
BLTB200 5580 kg 50-65 ton SPEC BLTB200 PART BLTB200
BLTB210L 6525 kg 65-100 ton SPEC BLTB210L PART BLTB210L
BLTB230 12000 kg 85-120 ton SPEC BLTB230 PART BLTB230
BLTB255 14026 kg 100-160 ton SPEC BLTB255 PART BLTB255


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Fixing Plates

ROCK DÉMOLITION manufactures adapter plates for all types of quick couplers on the market.


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Rock Demolition Tools

Over the last few years, we have been searching for tools to help ROCK DEMOLITION customers benefit from longer life and better value for money. 

Our innovative tool design and testing programs now offer better wear characteristics and greater durability for a wider range of applications. Many of the new tools have been designed to meet the specific needs of each job.

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Kit Lubsystem

The system optimizes the amount of grease consumed and prevents the operator from untimely interruptions for greasing.
The kit includes a pump, hoses and breaker connections.

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